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I just don't like to compromise.


Standing outside in the California desert, I unpacked the pair of late-Sixties Halibrand magnesium 16 by 13s that the brown truck had just delivered. New frames and complete chassis are produced by over a dozen street rod shops across the United States and many more worldwide.

This is one of the last new Halibrand fuel caps left in the world. After finding this original radiator cap, I used a bead blaster to remove what remained of its pitted plating. The second picture above, showing the car parked, was taken by Sherm Porter, and its backround was removed by Greg Spradlin.


All through the s, the ''64 Olds and Pontiac rear ends were by far the most popular rear ends in serious, high-horsepower drag cars all the way up to Top Fuel. His widow had it rebuilt by California Street Rods, where the distinctive, historically-significant flames and pinstriping disappeared.

Great Deuces of our time This sweet Deuce three-window, drawn by Dave Looper, is a perfect example of how little it really takes to turn a Ford into a car that not only defines hot rodding but also stands as a timeless piece of rolling sculpture.

All vehicles are run through the same EPA fuel-efficiency test but the test is not administered by the EPA; instead the automakers conduct the test and EPA often conducts reviews. Next, we'll TIG-weld a few areas where there was undercut from some of the factory welds, and I'll grind it and give it a final polishing once it's been narrowed and we've installed the new ends.

Bob has put a lot of miles on this car, but when you look at it, you'd never guess that the black lacquer was put on more than twenty years ago.

Everything about this car is right. With the minibuses that are 14 passenger plus driver it is not required to have a CDL license to drive these small buses.

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And there's a five-window and another three-window in his shop right now, so look out. It was made in one piece, cut with a laser, and measures just over eight feet long. At the Grand National Roadster Show, he parked his trailer inside and was given the key to the place so he could come and go, and also served as one of the night watchmen.

Bob told me that this was his second Deuce roadster. Whether you are selling a single used bus or you are a motor coach dealer and have many of used buses for sale, here you are presented with a means by which you can get free advertising for your used buses.

They were unique in having a safety latch to prevent the cap from popping open if the car got upside-down. Like Wayne Henderson's Victoria, the car appeared stock except for wheels, tires, and stance. Mid size buses are somewhere in between the minibus and the full size passenger coach.

When you find a coach with less seats it's most likely a mini bus and any more seats would be again most times considered a full size bus. InJoseph W.

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If we decide to use them, they will be sent out to be rebuilt with sleeves, and custom aluminum hubs and brake hats will be machined along with the mounting brackets, and a set of drilled cast-iron discs. Developed in parallel with the Renault 12which it antedated, the car eventually saw light as the Ford Corcel.

1964 Ford Fairlane Classic Cars for Sale

He's been invited to show the car at the Grand National Roadster Show. This original Halibrand fuel cap is a rare piece. After finishing with the show circuit, Russell pulled the Nailhead, took out the magneto, and machined it to fit the Ford that he installed.

Body Including main body with 2 1/2" chopped top, doors hung and latched, trunk lid hung, floor, dashboard, window garnish moldings and firewall.

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With historic old-timer registration as over 30 years of age. Registered as a normal passenger car, can be driven with standard drivers licence,vehicle has all the latest vehicle upgrades performed, close to brand-new engine, transmission, transfer. Ford Performance Parts L hp valve DOHC long block crate engines feature twin independent variable camshaft timing--to deliver a whopping hp at 6, rpm, and lbs.-ft.

of torque at 4, rpm, when using premium fuel. Search for new & used Ford F cars for sale in Australia.

1932 Ford Cars for Sale

Read Ford F car reviews and compare Ford F prices and features at allianceimmobilier39.com Dec 29,  · Ford 3 Window Coupe unfinished project for sale Wendy Wilks Ford Street Rod Test Drive Classic Muscle Car for Sale in MI Vanguard Motor 32 ford 5 window coupe flathead.

32 ford project for sale
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