My social work practice framework

What kind of supports do you believe are important for you to experience that will enable you to improve the effectiveness and quality of your work. Reflection on my personal framework was fundamental to my walk through the world.

Growing up as a Christian, I was encouraged to continually reflect on my beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours. Two way learning Two way learning model. One cannot work with children alone. It is very tempting to take over and do things for people when they have become so disempowered. Kenny SDeveloping communities for the future: I hoped it might give some insight into how other workers might marry Western approaches to counselling with Yolngu methods of healing.

We are exploring the questions and finding the answers together. It is an ongoing learning project for me. Listening for the ways people are standing up to the effects of problems and systems on their lives.

This was so important in being able to establish a relationship of mutual respect. What are the 5 most important techniques that you use in your work. I have established a self care plan which involves: There have clearly been substantial developments in social work theory since I completed my original degree and issues like globalisation, technological environments, and public management all contribute challenges.

But these are the ones that come to mind at this present moment. My social work personal practice framework incorporates knowledge, values, skills and social work theories.

Practice wisdom for me has been a combination of knowledge and skills surrounding effective communication, respect, rapport building, trust, empathy, empowerment and advocacy. My current work is all about the prevention of trauma in young children under 3.

We have a variety of resources available at Centacare that I have seen used during group or individual sessions. The strengths perspective seemed to work well in many case studies that I was exposed to and is something I have been reading more about over the past few weeks.

This statement of professional purpose provides clear definition to the direction of practice, with the intent of acknowledging the individual or group in the context in which they live, encompassing the micro, meso, and macro influences that shape and determine our life course Payne Helping communities to help themselves.

The image, I decided would show itself when ready — and it has: It takes the line of inquiry that the client is already an expert on their own problem and just needs some guidance to find a solution to their problem Chevalier as cited in Kottler I am now about half way through the book and also recommend it.

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To successfully achieve this transition, I bring with me a strong awareness of my personal values. Anti oppressive practice has been essential part of my frame work Having an awareness of the levels of social and structural oppression within society has provided me with insight and understanding when working with different client groups.

What are the 3 outcomes that you believe you achieve in your work. Listening for the ways people are standing up to the effects of problems and systems on their lives.

These are big questions I wonder about. My PPF incorporates the need for flexibility and creativity in professional practice. Therefore my practice framework will be ever changing and growing to meet the needs of my clients. One cannot work with children alone.

This reflection speaks extensively about the knowledge, values, beliefs and skills underpinning this cultural practice framework.

It is up to them in the end, whether they stand up to it or take action to protect themselves and those around them. This goes for counselling — resulting in the client feeling listened to, finding the conversation helpful, wanting to come back and moving forward in their lives.

My Practice Framework

It was interesting to hear peoples own perceptions. These terms get thrown around a lot so they have lots of different meanings for different people. While I have found it challenging and even frustrating at times, it has also been an exhilerating experience in many aspects.

I have written a bit about collaboration from a cultural perspective elsewhere. I believe this is where we can make the most difference in breaking the cycle of violence and trauma.

For real change to occur we must engage at the family, community and society level. However a clear understanding of our own values and ethic base can ethically affect our decision making process.

The roots of structural social work began with the social movements of the ’s and ’s. Structural social work started as an outcry to traditional methods of practice which worked to support the status quo. Sep 12,  · Those embedded grooves consist of the Australian Association Social Work practice standards and code of ethics, Social work core values and principles, reflective and reflexive practice, critical analysis, self care, use of awareness of macro, meso, micro practice.

Here I have presented my personal practice Framework that I completed at the end of my Bachelor of Social Work.

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I was pleased to see that my core values have. A key principle of my social work practice framework is immersed in the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model of care. There are so many dynamic parts of an individual, and for me, this model helps to communicate the intricate nature of the human existence.

My social work personal practice framework incorporates knowledge, values, skills and social work theories. I have chosen the metaphor of a tool box to use as my visual representation of my personal practice framework.

Sep 12,  · Personal Practice Framework: Head, Heart and Hand Head, Heart and Hand. A Personal Practice Framework. Understanding policy and procedures and making that fit with my social work knowledge, skills and values, are a challenge and requires constant reflection on practice.

My social work practice framework
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