Observing mitosis core practical write up

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Every Core Practical AS Biology Unit 2

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Investigating mitosis in allium root tip squash

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Lab Report - Mitosis in garlic root tips Principles of Biology 19/10/ Light microscope use visible light to illuminate the specimen and can magnify up to times the size of the material.

Apparatus and Procedure.

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Apparatus: The purpose of this practical was to observe and identify under the light microscope the stages of mitosis. Core practical 3Teacher sheet Core practical 3: Observe mitosis in root tips Objectives Know how to prepare a temporary slide of a root tip to observe mitosis Mop up spillages immediately.

Practical techniques 3, 4. In plants, cell division by mitosis is restricted to specific tissues, called meristems, that are found at the growing root and shoot tips and in the cambium between the xylem and phloem of the vascular allianceimmobilier39.com cells in the meristems are undifferentiated.

By following this protocol, students will be able to observe the dividing cells clearly, and calculate the mitotic index. An improved and simplified version of this well-known practical, designed specifically for use for the new A-level practical specifications. A-level set practicals - microscopy of root tip mitosis About us.

Observing mitosis core practical write up
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